What Is Mud Bogging?

Get the details on this sport before you visit our track in Chandler, TX

Mud bogging has been a popular form of entertainment since the 1960s. Drivers take their vehicles (typically souped-up trucks or Jeeps) through long, muddy tracks. Sometimes they're competing to see who can get the farthest; sometimes they're doing dam jumping or tug-of-war. But no matter what type of event it is, it's always a fun time!

Texas Martin Springs is a premier mud bogging race track in Chandler, TX. If you're looking for a fun way to spend your afternoon, you've got to visit us! Check out our Upcoming Events page for an updated schedule of events.

3 great reasons to visit our race track

Mud bogging is something everyone should try at least once. At our mud bogging race track, you can:

Try your chances on the track
Make new friends at the event
Enjoy great food while the pros put on a show

Whether you prefer to participate or to sit back and watch, you'll be glad you came. Contact us today to get all the details on this exciting motorsport.